Replay videos automatically

Auto Replay for YouTube makes it possible to automatically replay Youtube videos or segments of it.

Set the number of repeats

The extension allows you to set how often you want to watch a video or a specific part of it.

Choose one part of a video

Decide what part of a video you want to watch multiple times and don’t waste time with unwanted material.

Who is this extension for?

Watch videos endlessly

AutoReplay for Youtube enables you to automatically replay a whole or one part of a YouTube video. You can even set how often the video should be repeated. Its customer-friendly interface will make you use this useful extension again and again.

I’m that type of person that listens to the same song on repeat when I have a new favourite song. This extension is like a dream come true.

Maximilian Johnson

People Love Our Extension

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Natasha Rosenfeld

I love studying maths with youtube videos and now I just repeat the same video over and over again until I get something. My grades improved since then.

Walter Meyer

I suck at cooking but now I can follow any recipe online step by step without having to click around too much. So nice.


Hobby cooks



…who have to transcribe a video can upload the given video privately to listen to the needed part repeatedly.

…who want to recreate their favourite make-up looks by beauty gurus and want to use the right techniques.

…who want to learn effectively by rewatching the same part of a video until they have memorized it.

…who want to cook the perfect meal for their family, their friends or just for themselves.

Everyone else

…who want to repeat videos without having to click anything.

"Our passion is to make social media even more user-friendly and exciting. With our special Social Media Extensions for Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we are expanding the world of infinite user possibilities. Of course completely free and accessible for everyone"

Matteo Fonseca
CEO Auto Replay for Youtube

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